The Experience

no pressure, no agenda.

just you two.

Well, you two and everyone that’s surrounding you in sweet celebration. And whether that happens to be on the side of a cliff or in a small town courthouse, in a drive-thru in Vegas or in some sweeping castle in Ireland, it’s your thing, and we’re all here for it.

all of it.

You just never know when those unexpected moments and real emotions are going to surface, so my camera is up and ready for your wedding without the stress of start and end times.

From the second you’re starting to kick it into gear

right up until people start

I go about the day with open eyes, navigating the fine line between being a fly on the wall during those quiet moments to herding your Uncle Bob and Grandma Sue for family formals.

and you better believe I'll be on the dance floor when Juvenille calls for the 99-00's

You guys already have your own kind of

outrageous love

My work is to witness it honestly, to take it all in entirely, and bring it back to you beautifully.



I'll be there

it’s easy as 1, 2


Delivery can take up to six weeks, but can definitely be quicker if we’re out of high season. Plus, I'm getting faster all the time.

Everyone asks this, so you’re in good company. I’m a pro at guiding you, but since the bulk of my shots are candid, you won’t have to stress about where to put your hands.

For sure! I have a pool of wonderful and talented seconds I use. For weddings with 150+ guests, a second is mandatory, but with less than that, it’s optional.

The average is 50-100 photos an hour. After we wrap, I edit the best shots and send them over in a high res, online gallery. Download the beauty from there to print, brag, distribute and post to the world, or share the link and let friends and family do it for you.

Um, heckin’ YES! I’ll cross oceans for you. In a rowboat. With my camera slung over my back.

Email. 24/7. I’m here for you!

If your wedding is on a weekday, the middle of hurricane season, or in three months or less, we can surely work something out.