Erin and Sid had the most joyous city park elopement on a perfect April day! 4/4/24 at 4pm to be exact. I wasn't available for their original date, but they shifted the date so I could be there - and I could not be more grateful. Their city park elopement was truly a dream. Erin made her bouquet from flowers at Trader Joe's (can we say hidden talent?) Sid was so stoked for their wedding that he tried on his ring a few months ago and wore it around for a day just to see how it felt. Nothing is cuter than a groom excited to be married, right?! There was Dom Perignon. There was the most delicious cake from Bywater Bakery. And of course no wedding is complete without the magical Ranna of Let's Elope New Orleans. Let's begin:

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When you celebrate - Ranna celebrates. She truly is the love celebrant!

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Sid FINALLY gets to wear his ring. HOORAY.

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After you get married in city park, you DANCE - of course!

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Did you even have a city park elopement if you don't get beignets after?

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bywater bakery cake new orleans

This gorgeous cake was made by Bywater Bakery. It was soft, moist (we all hate that word, what else can I say though?), light, airy, not too sweet, delicate - I could go on and on. And I would know since they sent me home with two large slices.

popping champagne after wedding

The joy was overflowing from these two, and I loveeeee when couples let me into their world and let me photograph them exactly how they are.

having champagne after wedding
wedding cake cutting
bywater bakery cake new orleans
having cake at home after wedding

I forgot to mention this is their home - shoes were taken off. Couch hangs with cake and champagne were had. Is there really a better way to celebrate getting married?

dancing in home after wedding

Their talented friends recorded a rendition of 'la vie en rose' for them, which they danced to in their living room. cryiiiiing.

dancing in living room after wedding
polaroid photo of wedding

Sid is slipping that ring into as many photos as possible.

And nap time before dinner at Dakar.

I am so thankful for Sid and Erin for letting me capture their magical elopement at city park.

Officiant: Ranna of Let's Elope
Cake: Bywater Bakery
Venue: City Park
Beignets: Cafe du Monde

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