Erica and Greg had their elopement at Race and Religious - just them two. Greg helped Erica get into her incredible embroidered dress (Etsy, guys!) just before she threw on her Doc Martens. They cheers-ed (this is not a word) with White Claws, and then headed down the aisle. 
Erica created a playlist down to the minute to set the tone for the day with lots and lots of Taylor Swift. Love to hear it. 
They had the incredible officiant extraordinaire, Ranna of Let's Elope New Orleans write them a beautiful script, and then Erica and Greg exchanged personal vows. Erica wrote hers on a receipt - haha. There were tears, there was laughter, and there was lots more Taylor Swift. 

race and religious new orleans
white claw wedding
bride getting ready with groom at race and religious
pampas grass and disco ball wedding arrangement
spring race and religious elopement

Can we take a moment and appreciate the embroidery on this dress? Incredible. 

When you elope, you can in fact write your vows on a receipt. It's fine! 

The girls of Race and Religious were nice enough to let us borrow this vintage rug from inside to really dress up the ceremony site. Erica brought in the disco balls and pampas grass arrangements!

Fun fact: this is my dad in the background, and he is married to Ranna! He comes to a lot of elopements with her. A fun family affair, right? 

bride and groom at race and religious

Here I am making an appearance. They asked for it! I love my couples, and I love elopements at Race and Religious! 

Of course our disco DIY queen made herself a little crown and threw on a leather jacket to match her Doc Martens. 

Elopements are my favorite, especially when they are at Race and Religious. You get to do whatever you want, including getting ready together and listening to as many Taylor Swift songs as you like. 10/10 would recommend! 

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